Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pratt Lake Fishing Reprot 1/16/11

Spent the afternoon on Pratt Lake fishing for walleyes and blue gills.  We found a big school of blue gills in 10 FOW at noon, but we couldn't make them bite on any of our setups.  The fish were not active and while I was checking holes with the camera I saw two big bass laying on the bottom in 15 FOW which in my mind was a good indicator that fishing was going to be slow.   We had seven fishermen in our group today and the total catch was one 22-inch pike, one bass, and nine blue gills.  Their was also about 40 fishermen on the ice on the East side by mid afternoon and we didn't see on tip up flag in the big groups of shanties or much action.
NE Side of Pratt Lake