Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fishing Reports 7/21 - 7/23 (Budd Lake, Long Lake, Houghton Lake)

Holly with her first muskie.   Caught in 23 FOW on a Red / Yellow / Silver
Deep 20 Taildance while trolling for walleye.

Fished Houghton Lake on Thursday (7/21) from 9am - 1pm with my nephews.  The weather was hot and the west wind made it almost impossible to fish in our areas, so we took a few hours and did some swimming on the sand bar.  At 2pm we packed up and headed south to fish Long Lake in Harrison.  When we arrived at the lake we found lots of pleasure boaters trying to beat the heat.  We fished until 8pm before calling it a day.  Overall we hooked seventeen bass, one pike, and Chachi broke off a big fish on a slip bobber rig.  I'll head back to Long Lake later in the summer to try and catch a big walleye off of the East side of the lake. 

Holly and I fish Budd Lake tonight Saturday (7/23) from 7:30pm - 10:00pm hoping to find a big walleye.  Last Sunday we fished Portage Lake and found lots of walleyes suspended down 12 foot in 20 FOW and hoped to find the same conditions in the 82 degree (F) Budd Lake water.  We fished the South shore at the start, but quickly moved to get away from the heavy boat traffic.  At 8:15pm we moved out into 25 FOW and trolled with deep 20 taildancer targeting set above the fish that we marked at 16 foot down.  We hooked our first fish and then lost it close to the boat without making an ID.  Then at 9:14pm Holly hooked her first tiger musky and did a great job getting it to the boat on 8 lb test.  We found out that tracker the dog is not a fan of catch and release.  As the muskie started to swim away tracker jumped in and chased after it along with tangling up two lines.

Good Luck....

Budd Lake trolling path.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tippy Dam Pond 7/16/11

Tippy dam pound backwater

Shore lunch

We took a long weekend and headed up to fish the backwaters of Tippy Dam Pond.   Tippy Dam is a very popular fishing location for Spring Steelhead and the Fall Salmon run, but most people never venture behind the dam to fish the remote backwaters.  A backwater trip is a great adventure and if your looking to fish in the woods and get away from people this is the place to checkout.   As you travel the lake you will find camping spots and nice areas to swim and hangout.  The lake is very deep and drops off quickly from shore.  You will find lots of structure, logs and standing timber in this lake.  In some location you will see trees very close to the surface which are also great fishing areas.  We spent the entire day on the lake and fished it from 8am to 11pm taking lunch on one of the islands and swimming during the hot parts of the day.  The small mouth bass fishing is great everywhere you go on the lake and with the steep drop offs we used deep diving crank baits at shore bringing them back in 8 to 10 foot of water which was about 6 foot off shore.  My focus was finding the walleyes and what I learned is that I need a few more days on the lake.  We did catch three small walleyes and a big catfish while we were bass fishing around the shore.  My next trip to the lake I'll focus on fishing suspended fish closer to shore and around the points.  If you have side imaging / down scan you will be amazed at the standing timber and fish holding around the structure.   Tippy Dam Pond is a beautiful lake in the woods that will test your fishing skills. 

Standing Timber viewed with Down scan

Long day of fishing

Backwater of tippy dam

Leon helping Chachi clean his catfish

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Portage Lake 7/17/11

First Walleye of the afternoon TD 7 Blue/Silver/Red
We fished Portage Lake in Onekama on the second day of our camping trip and had a great time.  We arrived in Onekama in the morning and stopped at Andy's Tackle Box bait shop on our way to the boat launch.  The owner is a great guy and was very helpful pointing us in the right direction along with telling us a few great stories one in particular that my nephew will never forget.

Walleye fun.

Best Bait Shop in Onekama.  Stop in to get fishing reports.

We started out bluegill fishing at the West end of the lake and had some luck hooking a few nice fish.  During the afternoon we explored and fished in deeper water looking for perch.  At 6:30pm we setup to troll in 17 to 20 FOW where we had marked some suspended fish in the morning.  We hooked our first walleye at 7pm and lost it at the boat.  After marking the spot we started trolling the area and ended catching four walleyes and losing three more.  We targeted fish down at 14 FOW early with deep taildancer.  Closer to dark we brought up two of our lines in the 6 foot range and hooked two more fish.  The action slowed up at dark and after a full day on the lake and lots of sun we called it a day.  I plan on fishing Portage in the fall and hope to find some big Lake Michigan walleyes.

Lunch on the fly.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doug's Boat Pictures

I wanted to post some photos of the boat we are adding to the HHS Fishing Team.
We are packed up and ready to head for some Northern Michigan Walleye Water.

Doug's boat. 


Rapala and Navionics Team Up

Friday, July 08, 2011

Houghton Lake 7/7/11

Night bite double header 10:40pm

Undersized walleye caught on a leech
with a slip bobber rig.
10 FOW Berkley Frenzy Minnow

Headed up to Houghton Lake to check out the late afternoon bite.  Started out slip bobber fishing in 10 to 12 FOW on the North shore.  During our two hours of drifting we caught four small walleyes and two bass.  At 9:30pm we moved West and started trolling in 10 FOW.  We found several spots that were loaded with 13 to 14.5 inch walleyes and ended up catching lots of them as we trolled to the West.  At dark the bite turned on and we had a hard time keeping our rods set.  The action was great, but we didn't find many legal fish.  Overall we caught 27 walleyes with three of them over 15 inches.  Best bite was from 10pm to 11:30pm.   Our friend Tom was out last night and we trolled by him as he was landing a nice walleye.  He reported the same type of action and ended the night with four keepers.

Good Luck...

Pratt Lake Report 7/5/11 - No walleyes, but we did catch bass in every area of the lake. Bass action was best on the SE shore in 8 to 17 FOW.  Lots of boat traffic and the 7:30pm wake law is not followed.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Five Lakes 7/4/11

Bluegill fish fry on the camp fire.
Shore Fishing

We did some shore fishing for bluegills on busy Five Lakes today.  Overall we hooked twenty-five nice gills and then cooked them up on the campfire for our 4th of July dinner celebration.  All of the gills were caught with Berkley Gulp.

Good Luck.....

Budd Lake 7/4/11

Tommy and his 23-inch Budd Lake Walleye

Adam and a nice Budd Lake Crappy
Fourth of July action on Budd Lake.  Tommy and his fishing crew had a great afternoon on Budd Lake hooking a twenty-three inch walleye and a large crappy.  Both of the fish were caught fishing the weed edges with live bait.

The NEW Hot Hunting Spots - Bowfishing Team

Hot Hunting Spots is proud to present the BOWFISHING Team.

Keep an eye out for updated information on the sport and our team as they continue to update the Bowfishing report at

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Houghton Lake 7/1/11

Jig tipped with a Gulp minnow 10 FOW

 Fished Houghton Lake on Friday morning.  We started out trolling in 7 FOW, but got shutdown by the floating weeds.  After we packed up we moved to the East and fished in 10 FOW with jigs and Berkley Gulp minnows.  We hooked two undersized walleye and one keeper in 2 hours of fishing.  At noon we moved into the East Bay to get out of the wind and try fishing along the drop off with out any luck.  Our last stop was the weed bed just East of the Limber lost in 10 FOW where we hooked two keeper walleye and one pike.  The water temp held at 67 F and the floating weeds were a pain to work around. 

Good Luck...

Undersized walleye hooked on a TD 7 Taildancer

Only Pike of the day.