Thursday, June 30, 2011

Houghton Lake 6/29/11

12 3/4 - inch Perch hooked on a TD 7 Taildancer in 9 FOW
My nephew and I headed up to Houghton Lake yesterday at 7:30pm to try out the night bite. On our last trip to Houghton Lake we found a good concentration of walleyes holding in an area of scattered weeds in 9 to 11 FOW.   We headed back to the same spot to work on developing a trolling path around the weeds.  When building a trolling path I change the track color on my GPS when I arrive at the location so I can clearly see where my boat has been.  Then we drive the boat East and West over the area and then North and South to basically build a grid of the area we want to target.  While we are making the grid we mark weed structures that would cause trolling issues with GPS points.  Next, I change the track color and start trolling.  When we find bad spots trolling we mark them with GPS points.  After a few hours of driving the area the map starts to show a clear path around the weeds and at that point I go back and save a course.  It's a fair amount of work to develop trolling paths, but it pays off.

The fishing action was very slow for the most part.  We worked on  our trolling path during the daylight and hooked two bass, one pike, and a nice 12 3/4 - inch perch.  At dark we headed in close to the west shore and trolled in the dark without any luck at all.  The water temperature last night held at 67 F on both sides of the lake.  I suspect that the cold front and quick water cool down helped slow down the walleye bite yesterday. 

Good Luck...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Getaways Fishing Houghton Lake

Here is another video clip showing some Tips for Fishing Houghton lake.... Enjoy!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lake Erie Walleye

A Nice Video from Mike Avery's Outdoor Magazine... Enjoy!

Houghton Lake Fishing Report 6/26/11

We got out on Houghton Lake Sunday afternoon to get some sun and do some fishing.  Started fishing at 1pm jigging in 10 FOW.  We hooked three keeper walleyes on gold jig heads tipped with a leech. The action slowed up at 4pm, so we moved to the West shore and trolled around the weeds clumps with stickbaits and hooked 3 walleye (1 keeper) and two pike by 8pm. 

Good Luck....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Littlefield Lake 6/24/11

Waiting for the fish to bite.

Littlefield Lake Shorline

Friday afternoon we headed down to Isabella County to fish Coldwater Lake, but our plans got changed.  When we arrived at the county park boat launch the ranger informed us that we could not go out on the lake because the sheriff had closed the launch for the day do to bad weather.   We made the best of the situation and headed over to Littlefield Lake to try our luck.  Not knowing much about the lake we spent an hour driving around marking out fish and structures.  The lake is very clear and deep, so we fished along the defined drop offs that you find all around the lake.  Overall in 5 hours we did not hook a fish jigging and trolling.  We saw lots of carp and a few bass in in the shallow. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Houghton Lake Fishing Report 6/17/11

North Shore Walleye 11 FOW

North Shore 12.5 FOW

East Bay undersize walleye

South Shore Sunfish
Had lots of fun fishing Houghton Lake today.  Mark and I started our morning out trolling in 8 FOW on the West shore and quickly realized that the chopped up floating weeds that covered the lake were going to make trolling very difficult.  We packed up our trolling gear at 8am and made the best of a bad weed day by doing some traveling around the lake jigging and bobber fishing.  The best action was on the North shore in 12 FOW jigging around the weed clumps.  We used gold jig heads tipped with Gulp, plastic, and leaches.  Overall we hooked 7 walleyes and lots of pan fish.  If your heading to Houghton this weekend the water is holding at 70 F and you will find lots of dead mayflies and weeds on the surface.

Good Luck...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Houghton Lake Fishing Report 6/11 - 6/14

Jim's Monster 11-inch Sunfish.  Hooked on the North Shore.

Thank you for the tips on fishing Houghton Lake. Although the winds were high all week we made the best of it.

The Mayflies were out in force so we switch to fly's in 3 ft of water at night and we caught 7 keepers in about 90 minutes. Tuesday we went after bass and slammed them! Fished in 12 ft of water off the North shore twitching crawlers in the pockets of weeds. We boated 23 (15 smallies) with every one of them over 14 inches. The biggest was a 19 in Smally. Most of them were 16-17 inches. We ended the 3 1/2 days with 32 Walleye 17 of them keepers.

Attached is a picture of the 11 inch Sunfish Jim caught.

Have a nice day,

Mike Bennett

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pratt Lake 6/13/11

Fished Pratt Lake Monday night for the first time this summer.   We started on the South East side of the lake working leaches and crank baits in 10 to 14 FOW.  The bass and bluegill action was great on the South shore.  We hooked one small 10-inch walleye on a slip bobber rig in 13 FOW and a nice pike.  Closer to dark we trolled without any luck.  The lake is in great fishing condition right now, the water is clear and the weeds down. 
Good Luck...

Pratt Lake Sunset

Chachi and Grandpa

Friday, June 10, 2011

Budd Lake Report 6/10/11

Budd Lake in the rain
I fished Budd Lake from 7am to 1pm today checking out areas in preparation for the fishing tournament tomorrow. The fishing action was slow at best and it rained all day. Found some nice bluegills on the south east shore in 10 FOW. Water is fairly clear and 72 F at this time.

Good luck....

Houghton Lake Fishing Report 6/9/11

Bill with a nice walleye caught on a white Thunderstick.

South Shore 10.25 inch Bluegill caught on a black and silver TD5 Taildancer
                                                                                                                                                                      Fished Houghton Lake Thursday afternoon. I met up Bill Caldwell a gentlemen I got to know this winter after he sent us a very detailed email inquiring about how and where to catch walleyes on Houghton Lake. Bill and his fishing crew normally spend a week every year on Houghton looking for pike and walleye. Well, things worked out and Bill and I were able to spend an enjoyable afternoon fishing and talking about walleyes. The original plan was to head to the East Bay and spend the afternoon slip bobber fishing along the West shore, but when we got out at 6:00pm the wind was wrong. We changed plans and started out fishing on the South shore just west of the Elks club. The action was good and we hooked one walleye, two pike, and a 10.25-inch blue gill. After about 45 minutes of fishing the north wind and weeds shut us down and trolling was impossible so we packed up and headed to the north shore. On our way across the lake we marked some suspended fish in 9.5 FOW, so we stopped and trolled back with the wind. The area paid off with five walleyes and two keepers. We worked the area until 8:00pm then packed up and moved to the north shore where we fished in 6 to 9 FOW. The action was ok and we ended up hooking four walleyes and one keeper.

14.75 inch North Shore walleye. 

Nice walleye 9 FOW

Overall, we landed three keepers, seven undersized, lost six, hooked a 10.25 blue gill, and broke two lines along with having a great afternoon fishing in the cold with Bill. If you’re heading to Houghton this weekend the mayflies hatch is on so be prepared to work a bit. The water temp was 69 F on the South shore and 72 F on the north shore. Our best colors were white and black / silver. The fish we targeted were about 1.5 foot off the bottom and were holding in 7 to 9 FOW. I’ll post some GPS point tomorrow.

Good Luck…

Follow-up from Bill:
Hello Dennis, Thanks again for the truly great fishing trip on Houghton Lake. I have waited for a couple of days to try to understand various elements of the trip. I have a few more questions about what I perceived we were doing to catch Walleyes. Can you tell me if we varied speed of the boat and approx. what the range was (1.5 to2.2 mph) ? Also you wanted to try slip bobber fishing with leaches as a second method. This might be fine, but could you also have slow trolled with crawler harnesses after fast trolling with stick baits? Example:  fast troll- then slow troll- then drift with crawler harnesses? Or would this be too difficult to do in such weeded conditions and wind conditions? I hope all these questions doesn't bother you, but I am trying to learn more about walleye fishing. I am serious about fishing with you again  and my wife said she would just love to go. Do you fish Black Lake in Onaway, Mi.? The crew was talking about trying there again, (before you talked with them and actually caught Walleye). live)  Thank You for everything and take your time answering!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a great Fishing year..... Bill Caldwell---