Pratt Lake

Pratt Lake

Gladwin County, Michigan
44° 1'28.78"N 84°32'53.37"W

General Fishing Information:
The lake has very clear water with drop off areas shown on the map. There is minimal weed cover for fish and the best action is near boats or on the drop off structures.

Bass, Pike, Bluegill, Sunfish, Crappie and Walleye

Public Boat Launch
44° 1'27.13"N   84°33'13.03"W

HHS Pratt Lake Walleye Fishing Areas (Click Photo To Enlarge)

For More Lake Information Visit:
Michigan DNR Lake Maps:,1607,7-153-30301_31431_32340---,00.html

Pratt Lake Fishing Videos:

Pratt Lake Ice Fishing 1/27/12

Pratt Lake Pan Fish

Pratt Lake Blue Gills

Pratt Lake Walleye:
2008 Walleye 6.3 pound 25-inch caught on a Do-Jigger-Spoon

East Shore 17 FOW Catch and Release

2010 Trolling Catch and Release walleye.