Thursday, April 30, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 4-29-09

The weather on the opening weekend of walleye season shut us down and kept us on dry land dreaming about fishing. After a four day weather delay we finally made it out fishing Wednesday (4/29).

We started out fishing in 7 FOW on the South shore trolling six rods with Taildancers (trout, black / silver), Bombers (red head / white), and Storm Jr. Thundersticks (white) at 1.8 to 2 mph. Fishing action was excellent the entire evening and the walleye action was the hottest after 7:30pm.

We ended up boating 19 walleye and kept 15 of them. All of the walleye we caught ranged from 16 to 22 inches. Not on common for Houghton Lake are the massive number of norther pike you will catch in a evening of fishing which we caught our share of. The best pike was 25 inches which is an improvement over the past years.
We'll be back on HL this Friday. Good luck.