Monday, September 21, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 9/18 & 9/19

Fished Houghton Lake Friday morning by myself and got my one man limit by 11:00am fishing on the North Shore in 7 FOW.  Went back out on Saturday evening and boated four keepers and sixteen walleyes all between twelve to forteen inches on the North Shore 6 to 8 FOW.  Best action was on black and silver TD 5 tail dancers and shadraps.  I'll be back out fishing in October looking for some bigger fish.
SPECIAL NOTE: Hot Hunting Spots Pro Staff Member - Joe "Bird Dog" Fornwall show above with a nice small mouth and a walleye.  Joe has been very busy with upland game and other work related things, but it is very good to see him back in action.

Also note that Joe NEVER has a problem eating the Walleye and he does make it up for our meetings & fish fry events.

More Fall Fishing Reports to follow.
HHS Admin

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 8/22

It's getting to be the time of the year when we start gearing up for our western hunts and fishing gets put on the back burner for a month. The good news is that fishing is getting better if you have the time to do it. We made it out on Saturday afternoon and despite the bad weather we ended up with 8 keeper walleyes and caught a nice 35 inch pike that we sent back. Fished in 6 to 7 FOW to start, but had our best action in 9 FOW trolling at 2.3 mph on trout colors.
Good luck..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 8/13

We made it out fishing on Thursday evening and ended up with sixteen keepers and twenty undersized walleyes. Fishing action was slow at the start but it kicked in after dark and lasted until 11:00pm. Most of our fish were caught on trout colors and black and gold Berkley Frenzy back 25 foot in 7 FOW.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 8/7

Fished Houghton on Friday evening and ended up with 12 keeper walleyes. We started out fishing in 6 FOW on the north shore where we only picked up two undersized fish and a lot of pike. After working the North shore we moved over to the West end of the lake and targeted 4 - 6 FOW. Trolling was hit and miss with a few small fish. The action picked up at dark and the bite was very good until 10:30pm.

Best action was on Blue / Silver and Black / Gold.

Good luck.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 8/5

Fishing continues to be very good on Houghton Lake. We fished the North Shore in 6 to 7 FOW last night and boated 9 keeper walleyes and 15 undersized fish.

Fishing action was best from 6:30pm to 8pm with the best color being Red/Silver.

Good Luck.

Monday, August 03, 2009


The big lake bite was pretty slow on Thursday we went out of Frankfort and ended up going 2 for 3 on nice adult kings. Both that we landed were 12 lbs. Pretty slow overall up there one guy had 4 in the cleaning station and his were all 2-4lbers. Other than that it was 1 or 2 fish for most guys. I hope to get out later this week probably big lake on Friday if this weather will calm down....

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 8/1

Made it out fishing on Saturday morning with a new Houghton Lake walleye friend (Jim) and ended up with six keepers and eight undersized fish. We fished the first part of the morning in 4 to 6 FOW and had good action. At 10:00am we moved over to the North Shore and picked up one undersized walleye and lost a good fish at the boat. The wind didn't cooperated and the North shore was to ruff to troll by 11:00am.

Other fishing team members did very well this weekend and between the two boats they ended up with 57 walleyes in three days.

We will be out during the week.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 7/23 - 7/27

Houghton Lake walleye fishing continues to be great.

Thursday (7/23): We fished in 7 FOW trolling at 2.35mph on the North shore and ended up with seven keepers and six undersized fish. Found a new area that is South of Backus Creek that is producing a lot of fish, but most are 14 -inches which is a great sign for next year.

Saturday (7/25): Fished with our new walleye friends (Jeff & Tom) in the morning and ended up with two keepers and two undersized fish. Only got to fish for two hours before the storm hit.

Went back out at 7:00pm and ended up with eight keepers and a ton of undersized fish. We trolled from 4 to 6 FOW and ended up catching all of our walleyes in 4 FOW. Best night fishing action was with a storm thunderstick jr (purple / pink).

Monday (7/27): Best fishing action of the year. Started fishing at 7:50pm in 4 to 7 FOW and had 20 keeper walleyes and two crappie by 10:40pm. Best action was on TD 5 blue / white taildancer trolled back 44 to 50 foot at 2.35 mph.

Good Luck..

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 7/21

Fishing Reports:

Pratt Lake (7-20): We fished Pratt Lake on Monday and got skunked. We worked 20 FOW trolling with crawler harnesses for three hours and never had a bite. At dark we moved to the East shore and only caught bass.

Houghton Lake (7-21): Fished on the North East shore in 7 FOW and boated nine walleyes total with seven keepers. We hit a few of our 12 to 15 foot fishing areas earlier in the day and couldn't find a fish.

Good Luck.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pratt Lake Walleye Report 7/15

We took a break from Houghton Lake and headed over to Pratt Lake last night to test the walleye action.

Pratt Lake has a very good walleye population and it offers different fishing challenges to test your skills. We normally target walleyes in three areas of the lake. Area 1 is directly out of the boat launch where we fish with crawlers harnesses trolled East to West targeting 15 to 22 FOW. Area 2 is the South shore where we target the weed break in 15 FOW. Area 3 is the East shore in 9 to 17 FOW where we troll with bright colored minnow baits.

Last night we caught two undersized walleyes, five bass, and lost a nice walleye at the boat all on thunderstick Jr Yellow / White in 16 FOW on the East shore. Pratt Lake has good walleye fishing and produces fish up to 26 inches when you find them.

Good Luck.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 7/13

Monday evening fishing was a great time despite the strong NW wind. We headed out to 12 FOW NE of long point and trolled East for an hour before we picked up our first walleye. We didn’t find many suspended fish in 12FOW, so we headed South into 13 FOW. The wind made trolling into the wind very hard and limited our ability to stay on the fish. Closer to dark we hit a school of fish and we ended up boating six keeper walleye and five undersized fish all in about fifteen minutes.

Overall the deeper water produced fish, but not at the rate we are catching them in 7 FOW on the West Shore. Best bait was the Rapala Taildancer TD 7 Green / White trolled back 52 foot.

Good Luck.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 7/10 - 7/12

Walleye fishing action continues to be excellent on Houghton Lake. Our new fishing friends Jeff, Tom, and the family spent the weekend limiting out in 6 to 7 FOW trolling taildancers and thunderstick Jrs.

Great job guys!!

We'll be out tonight looking for fish in 12 to 13 FOW.

Good luck.