Saturday, January 08, 2011

Houghton Lake Fishing Report 1/7/11


Perch on a Tip Up
Yesterdays fishing trip on Houghton Lake was a great time. We arrived on the West side of the lake at 6:50am and setup on our first spot of the day. The plan was to fish 7 to 8 FOW on a flat I found this fall. At 8am we caught a 10-inch perch on one of our tip ups, but other then a few small perch the area was not active. At 10:30am we moved about a half mile to a deeper location (10FOW) drilled about 30 holes and started scouting with the camera. The new area looked good and had lots of green weeds. While scouting with the camera I saw six walleyes and two pike while looking over the fishing area. We setup our shanties put out six tip ups and then started jigging. After three hours of hard fishing we had caught five more perch, three small pike and zero walleye. Determined to hook one of the walleyes we saw on the camera we continued to fish the holes, but couldn't buy a walleye. I saw lots of nice walleye on the camera while jigging in the shanty, but I couldn't find a presentation that would trigger a strike. After a day full day of fishing we had to accept the fact that it was just one of those days that the fish did feel like eating and if I didn't see the walleyes on my camera I'd think we were fishing in a bad area. We fished till 6:45pm hoping for a late bite but no luck. Total for the day on the West side of the lake 7 - 10 FOW, we caught 12 perch, hooked seven small pike, and no walleye.

First Fish Of The Day

Perch on a Jigging Spoon

West Side Setup