Houghton Lake

Houghton Lake
Roscommon County, Michigan
Area 20,044 Acres - Elevation 1138 Ft

GPS: 44 20’22.32”N 84 43’22.76”W

Houghton Lake Fishing Report Videos:

Houghton Lake Ice Fishing 1/6/12
Houghton Lake Ice Fishing 1/14/12
Houghton Lake Ice Fishing 1/20/12
Houghton Lake Ice Fishing Clips 2008

Houghton Lake Color Patterns
Daylight Patterns

Daylight Patterns.  Purple and Silver night pattern.

After Dark Colors

South Shore Waypoint

Spring / Summer Walleye Area
Here is a nice spot to try out later this month when the water warms a little more. We started fishing this area back in 2008.

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Winter Walleye Area

Houghton Lake