Monday, January 31, 2011

Saginaw River 1/31/11

Fished on the Saginaw River near the Boys Club after work today.  I setup in 23 FOW and five minutes later I hooked my first fish of the night which was a 11-inch walleye.  Fishing action was great, but all of the fish were in the ten to fourteen inch range which is a great sign for the fish population.  I had the camera down and did see a few keeper fish, but no luck hooking them.  Overall, I caught and released twelve underside walleyes in my two hours of fishing.   The report at work is that the big fish are out 7 miles in the bay at the plug. 
Good Luck...
Saginaw River

Walleye checking out the bait

Micro walleye #1, walleye on the camera

Micro walleye #9