Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Planning For Houghton Lake Walleye Trip


Lindy Darter "Tulibee"
Were heading up to Houghton Friday morning to spend the day chasing walleye.  Earlier this year durning the open water season I found lots of new "potential" ice fishing areas and I'm super excited to get out and try them. 

The plan is to hit the West side of the Lake at light and then moving around checking out spots on our way to the North East side of the lake for the 3pm till 7pm bite.

Most of us will be jigging with Lindy Darters and setting a few tip ups with walleye rigs.   I'll be using the Golden Shiner and Tulibee 1 3/4-inch.  These are great lures and they really hammer the HL walleyes. 

I can't wait till Friday morning when we finally get back on Houghton Lake.....  Good Luck!
Lindy Darter "Golden Shiner"