Friday, January 21, 2011

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 1/21/11

Moxi Minnow Walleye
It was another wonderful morning of walleye fishing on Houghton Lake today.  My dog Tracker and I were on the ice at 6:30am setting up the shanty and drilling holes enjoying the cold full moon morning.  After a bit of work we were setup and fishing by 7am.  I started out fishing with a Blue / White GHOST BUG by Northwoods tipped with a 3-inch minnow.  Just before sunrise I had my first strike and a few minutes later I hooked a very nice walleye and lost him when he came off the hook halfway up the hole.  After light I turned on my fish camera and watched the second walleye I hooked.  I also watched him swim off after I lost him when my 6 pound leader broke at the barrel swivel.  At around 8:45am the action really picked up when I changed over to the Moxi Minnow.  The first drop I hooked a 14 inch walleye, then about twenty minutes later I hooked a 15 inch, and a 11 inch micro walleye later.  Early on the fish hit hard on the slow natural presentation and then after light the more aggressive flashy and loud presentation brought in the fish.  Tip up fishing was slow, one walleye and one miss.  Overall report, hooked seven walleyes two keepers, lost two keepers, three undersized.  Saw four walleyes on the camera that didn't bite, lots of perch and one pike today.  Lures tried out today:  Moxi Minnow Perch - caught lots of fish, recommend this bait when you need to attract fish to your area.  Ghost Bug - great with a minnow, excellent when fish are in the area and you need a natural presentation.
Second Walleye Moxi Minnow

Micro Walleye Moxi Minnow

Testing: Ghost Grub, Jiggle Bug, Moxi Minnow

Tracker Staying Warm

Cold and Windy Day On Houghton Lake