Friday, January 28, 2011

Southeast MI Report - By Rich

I've been fishing and scouting a lot in the southeast region and have found little success for me or anyone else that I've talked to. Brest bay is frozen over and safe to ride your 4 wheeler or sled at least out to the point and probably further if you test the ice as you go. I took my sled out last saturday and had 9" of ice out to the point. No fish were present except for shad. The marinas in gibraltar have been producing perch in open water but nothing to write home about. Gibraltar bay is slow as is lake erie metro park marina.
I'm heading up to the Saginaw River on Friday afternoon to try it out. I will be fishing on Houghton Lake on Saturday with our northern crew!

I'll keep you posted.

Rich Brower
SE Michigan Field Supervisor