Sunday, May 03, 2015

Houghton Lake 5/2/15

Houghton Lake
First fish of the year.
Houghton Lake 10 FOW 

Headed up to the lake at 5pm and fished till dark.  Warm weather is really making the fish come to life.  We started out in 11 FOW on the West side of the lake and found bait fish and pike.  We worked the area until dark and ended up with five walleye.  Best action was over the weeds in 10 FOW using inline boards with thundersticks 5 foot off the board.  Inline boards are a lot of work in pike country but they paid off on this trip.

Good Luck....

Friday, May 01, 2015

Houghton Lake 5/1/14

Ed & Joe Houghton Lake 
Houghton Lake 11 FOW North Shore

Had a great time fishing with Ed and Joe on Friday.  We started our trip at 10am on the North shore trolling in 8 to 12 FOW.  The bite got better as the sun came out and then shut down at at noon.  We moved west and stopped along the way to jig a few areas and never hooked a fish.  At 3:00pm we started trolling and ended on the South shore at 7:00pm where we found lots of pike and bass.  Overall we had a great time fishing and scouting the lake on a beautiful day.