Saturday, January 29, 2011

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 1/29/11

Rich and his first ever Tip Up Walleye
We had a great day of fishing with some old friends out on Houghton Lake today.  We hit the lake at 8:00am and started fishing in 8.5 FOW with tip ups and jigs.  Fishing was hit and miss most of the day with lots of flags and short strikes with only a few hooked fish.  Watching the camera while jigging most of the walleyes we saw came in looked at the baits and then moved on.  Best color today was purple and the most action came from dead sticks and tip ups. Overall we hooked four walleyes, one small pike, and two perch.  The lake was super busy today with tons of sled traffic, fishermen, and a nice visit from the DNR.  

Good Luck....
Nice Perch on a Dead Stick Setup

Holly and Tracker taking a break in the shanty

Den, Butch, and Rich taking a lunch break

Walleye at 2:45pm
Hi HotHunting,

Matt Robison commented on your note "Houghton Lake

Walleye Report 1/29/11".

Matt wrote: "Great job! I fished there on 1/28 from 7am till 7pm. Never had a bite till our 4th move around 4pm. 10 fow with lots of fish moving in on the graph. Unfortunately my camera battery died by this time so was not sure what the marks were. Ended up landing 3 undersized walleye and loosing 2 at the ice. We were getting lots of hits but couldn't hook up. Thought for sure we were on the school of walleye but ended up being rock bass. Caught lots of em. Is that normal for walleye and rock bass to be in the same area? From 4pm till 6pm we had lots of marks on the graph and hits. Any thoughts on this? Im still learning houghton lake walleye..:)"