Friday, January 18, 2013

Houghton Lake 1/17/13

Small walleye caught in 12 FOW on a
 jigging spoon
Fished the north shore of Houghton Lake on Thursday.  Headed out to check some of my summer spots and did lots of hole drilling without finding any fish.  After three hours of searching around I headed back toward the boat launch and found a good looking spot on the map to drill.  On the first hole I check I saw two walleye, so I setup and got out of the wind.  I fished the area for three hours and hooked 4 walleyes all 14 to 14.5 inches and a few pike. 
Ice conditions are very good 8 to 10 inches with very little snow cover.
Good Luck.....

First Pike of the day.

GPS Location N 44 19.791    W 84 39.949

Monday, January 14, 2013

Lake Mitchell 1/11/13

Lots of water flowing to the hole.
 Floating Tip Up. 
Lake Mitchell. 
Fishermen in front of the boat launch.  Lots of fog and slush.
 It seems like every time I get a day to go ice fishing this season mother nature doesn't want to cooperate.  Despite the warm temperatures and rain on Friday I made a trip over to Lake Mitchell to try out the walleye action.  When I arrived at the lake the ice had 2 inches of slush and the fog was thick enough that I couldn't see across the lake.  Ready to fish I headed out of the launch to fish on the south shore.  After searching for an hour I saw a few walleyes on the camera in 10 to 11 FOW.   The fishing action was just as bad as the weather.  In six hours of fishing I saw five walleyes and never hooked anything.   Lake Mitchell had 9 to 10 inches of ice and should be good fishing when the weather straightens up.
Good Luck....