Sunday, January 09, 2011

Pratt Lake Fishing Report 1/9/11

Chachi Checking Holes
We took the all of the kids over to Pratt Lake this afternoon to try our luck with the walleyes.  The weather was great and the kids were pumped to be out on their first fishing trip of the year.  We setup on the North East side of the lake in 8 FOW along the breakline.  After drilling holes along the contour lines, Chachi and I did some camera work looking for fish.  On our third hole we saw a two bass and quite a few nice blue gills, we marked the hole and move on.  A few holes later in 8 FOW we found a nice walleye, so we decided to setup and fish.  The  fishing action started out fast with four flags in the first 15 minutes, two misses, one bass, and one 23-inch pike.  In the shanty Chachi hooked a small pike early on a jigging spoon and saw a total of five walleye swim in checkout our baits and move on.  We tried lots of presentations, small minnows, wax worms, spoons, but no luck.  The fish were in the area, but just like Friday we couldn't buy a bite.

Good Luck...

Flag in 8 FOW NE Side