Sunday, January 23, 2011

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 1/23/11

Tip Up Walleye

I arrived at the lake at 8:00am the thermometer read -13.  Excited to fish the new spot I mapped out the night before, I got out into the cold and unloaded all of my frozen gear.  After a bit of work getting everything started and packed I took off on a three mile trip to the NE.  I followed the route on my GPS out to my fishing area and realized that the area didn't have any signs of other fishermen.  Excited about the area even more I started drilling holes along the contour.  Stopping for a minute to enjoy the morning views I noticed lots of steam rising out of the new holes which is not a sight you see everyday.  The fishing action was very good all day  (9am - 3pm) and I saw lots of walleye, perch, and pike on the camera.  My first walleye was under size and he hit on a ghost bug and a small minnow. I caught six walleye jigging and one on a tip up with only one keeper.  The bite today was a bit of attract and then finesse.  I had a few fish swim in then just look over the bait and move on.  By the end of the day I was jigging a Darter in one hole to get the fish into the area and hooking them with a small jig and a wax worm on my second pole.  This was a odd bite for Houghton and without my camera I would have never figured the fish out.  The area I fished today was loaded with 14-inch walleye which is great sign for the future.  

Undersize Walleye Minnow / Flying Jig