Saturday, May 25, 2013

Houghton Lake 5/24/13

10:20pm 8FOW West Shore
Small fish
First Walleye of the night.
Rapala Scatter Rap

The Houghton Lake walleye bite was back to normal on Friday night.  We started our trip on the South shore at 7:45pm trolling in 7 FOW.  The pike were active and on our first pass we hooked six pike and a ton of floating weeds that the NW wind had blown in.  We moved West and fished with the wind until we hooked our first walleye in 8 FOW.  From 9pm to 11pm we hooked sixteen undersized walleye and three keepers.  The best bite was on gold and black scatter rap minnow trolled back 55 foot.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Lake Mitchell Walleye Fishing 5/17/13

Lake Mitchell 4 FOW
Lake Mitchell 4 FOW
Lake Mitchell afternoon walleye trips.  We fished Lake Mitchell on Thursday and Friday afternoon hoping to find the walleyes in shallow after dark.  Thursday we started fishing at 7pm and caught lots of pike and a few sunfish while trolling in 4 to 9 FOW on the south shore.  At dark we moved in closer and hooked our first walleye in 4 FOW and lost another.  The walleye action was quick and right at dark.  By 10:00pm the bite was over and we fished on till 1am without another hit. 
Friday afternoon we got out at 7:30pm and trolled the East side of the lake in shallow and hooked two pan fish and one pike.  No walleye and a very slow evening of fishing.   The water temp was  57 to 59 F and the weeds are down.   We will be back on Houghton Lake Thursday night.
Good Luck...

East Shore Lake Mitchell

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Houghton Lake 5/5/13

17 inch walleye 7 FOW North Shore
Opening day of walleye season started out with great weather and cold water.  We fished from noon till 10:00pm and never hooked a walleye.  The last time we had a shutout on the opener was back in 2007. At the launch we met up with Joe and his crew that had done well fishing up on the north shore by the cut river and Jason and his partner hooked two 17 inch fish on the south shore.
 On our second trip Sunday (5/5) we found good action on the north shore in 7 FOW in the weeds.  Trolling 1.8 to 2mph we hook a lot of pike and one walleye.  We only had three hours to fish and found the walleyes right when we had to go. 
Good luck..