Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Lake Erie Creel Limit for Walleyes is ( 6 ) Six - May 1st

Lake Erie Dally Creel Limit for Walleyes Is Six Beginning May 1
Contact:  Liz Hay-Chmielewski, 734-663-3554 or Mary Dettloff, 517-335-3014 
Agency: Natural Resources

March 28, 2011
The daily creel limit for walleyes in Michigan's waters of Lake Erie will be six beginning May 1, the Department of Natural Resources announced today.
Michigan has adopted a process for setting regulations that allows the DNR to use real-time population data instead of using year-old survey results. This process parallels one adopted by Ohio last year.
"This change to the regulations process is critical to helping us manage walleyes in Lake Erie in a timely manner," said DNR Lake Erie Basin Coordinator Liz Hay-Chmielewski. "In order to do that, we have to set regulations in March instead of the previous autumn."
Michigan's daily creel limit for walleyes on Lake Erie is based on its share of the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for the lake, which is determined by the Lake Erie Committee under the aegis of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. The TAC is generally based on overall abundance of walleyes; the Committee establishes quotas for each jurisdiction based on the percentage of habitat for adult walleyes in each jurisdiction's waters of the lake. The daily limit is based on a formula that projects how many walleyes anglers can keep but still remain within the quota.
See the attached table for an explanation of the formula used to set the daily creel limit.
The Total Allowable Catch for Lake Erie for 2011 is 2.919 million fish, making Michigan's quota 0.17 million fish.
The new regulations process means that the creel limit for walleyes on Lake Erie will not be set until TACs are determined each March, after the Michigan Fishing Guide goes to press. Anglers will need to check for changes annually.
There are no changes to either the fishing season or size limit for walleyes on Lake Erie.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state's natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. For more information, go
If Michigan's share of the annual TAC isThen the daily possession limit for walleye shall be
greater than 108,364six (6)
96,958 to 108,364five (5)
85,551 to 96,957four (4)
74,144 to 85,550three (3)
62,737 to 74,143two (2)
less than 62,737one (1)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lowrance Rebate

REBATE Lowrance® HDS-8 Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter
Lowrance HD-8
Lowrance is offering rebates on most models up to $200.00 until 3/27/11. 

I'm updating the electronics in the Tundra this year and adding an HD8 and a HD7 with the structure scan. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Saginaw Bay Ice Floes On St. Patrick's Day

UPDATE: U.S. Coast Guard rescues 12 people from Saginaw Bay ice floes on St. Patrick's Day

Published: Friday, March 18, 2011, 11:15 AM
By Michael Wayland | The Bay City Times
 ESSEXVILLE — A dozen people were rescued by U.S. Coast Guard officials from ice floes on the Saginaw Bay.
Lt. Justin Westmiller, of the U.S. Coast Guard Detroit, said from 7-11 p.m. Thursday crews from theStation Saginaw River, along with three fire departments, assisted with four rescues.
Westmiller said two of the 12 people rescued fell into the water and were sent to a nearby hospital to be treated for hypothermia.
The Coast Guard advises all ice-sport enthusiasts to check the weather prior to going out on the ice and to recognize that warming temperatures can make for extremely unsafe conditions.
“At this point the ice is extremely unsafe," Westmiller said. "We can’t force people to stay off the ice, but we ask that they be extremely extremely cautious and stay off the ice.”
Westmiller said fire departments from the townships of Bangor, Kawkawlin and Pinconning assisted with the rescues.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New UV Bright Lure Finish

Open water fishing is just around the corner and its time to get ready to go.  Last night I purchased a few new Storm stick baits with the UV Bright finish to add to my collection.  The UV finish is a new concept that will be fun to test out this year.  

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Budd Lake & Pratt Lake Report

Pratt Lake Blue Gills

Friday was the last day of ice fishing for Mark and I, so we decided to put in a full day looking for anything that would bite.  We started out on Budd Lake at 6:00am on the South shore in 14 FOW.   We saw lots of small blue gills, bass, and several nice walleye on the camera.  The action started at 8:11am when we had our first flag (lost it) and then at 8:40am a big walleye came in and checkout my jig before swimming off. The North wind picked up at 9:00am and I was cold, so went out and I did more camera work.  I checked out the flat areas and found two big walleyes laying on the bottom half buried in silt which was a sign that the bite was going to be slow.  I had to leave the lake at 9:30am for a quick meeting with a customer which kept me off the ice until 1pm when I met back up with Mark at Pratt Lake.  We started on the West side of the lake and checked out three areas that normally hold walleyes and after an hour of looking at empty water we packed up and moved East.  On the North East shore we found two walleyes and lots of blue gills in our first set of holes, so we decided to setup and try the area.  We had fourteen flags, four missed fish, six bass, and the rest were pike.  The blue gills fishing was hot and the fish were scattered from the bottom to 3 foot under the ice in depths of 7 to 16 foot.  Total pan fish action we hooked twenty three keeper gills for our dinner.  Mark and I spent the last three hours of the day jigging for walleyes and trolling all of the open holes in search of a big walleye without any luck.  The bite finally slowed down and so did we and at seven thirty another great ice fishing season for came to a close.

Good Luck....

Moxie Minnow, Bro Bug, Gulp 1" leaches, Sting'r Hooks

Pratt Lake Tip Up Action

Monday, March 07, 2011

Budd Lake Fishing Contest Video Clip

Video clip from the Budd Lake Fishing Contest.

Budd Lake Fishing Report 3/7/11

Two Bass Checking Out the Camera in 12 FOW
The weather was so nice today that I had to make a point to stop by Budd Lake on my way home from work and spend a few hours looking for a big walleye.  I fished in 6 to 17 FOW on the West side of the lake about a quarter mile north of the power dock.  I didn't catch any walleyes, but I did find schools of  blue gills in 6 to 10 FOW. 

Good Luck... 

3" Magnum report

Well, I braved the weather on saturday and left monroe county at 3:45 am to head up to saginaw bay for a day trip. Once I landed at my spot 3 miles out I coulnt get my auger to start. After 30 minutes of brutal effort I decided to head back to the truck to work on it. On my way back with shanty and jet sled in tow my sled broke through the ice on the pressure crack. Luckily I have a 1.5" paddle track on my sled that allowed me to pull out of the hole but my shanty wasn't so lucky, it nose dived into water breaking the floor in half and snapped the tow rope. Now its sticking half way out of water and I carefully retrieved it.
After all the morning troubles I ended up fishing till dark with no success most likely due to strong east winds. I did however have an 8 lb walleye swim between my 2 jigs, that was exciting.
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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Budd Lake Fishing Report 3/4/11

Perch 10 FOW

We started fishing at 2:30am and put in fourteen hours of fishing time Friday in an attempted to catch a 10 pound walleye out of Budd Lake.  Over the course of the day we found walleyes and lots of bass in about every location we drilled holes, but just couldn't make the walleyes bite. 
Morning Setup
The weather turned bad at 8am and the rain hit hard keeping us in one location until noon.  Most of the fish we found around the lake were in 10 to 15 FOW with the best concentration of fish on the North East side of the lake. 

Good Luck...

On the move looking for fish

Thursday, March 03, 2011

3" Magnum report

Hello fishermen and woman, just letting everyone know that me and my hot rod yellow snow machine will be making an appearance on saginaw bay 3 miles out from the state park on saturday. Hopefully I'll see some fellow hhs pro staff and freinds out there to help me slay some of them lunker glow-eyes.
On another note I've been hearing rumor that the michigan dnr is reducing walley catch limits to either 2 or 3 fish per day statewide. This is outrageous! It will kill the charter captains and make it difficult for regular sportsmen like you and me to justify the cost of fuel and tackle etc to go out and catch dinner. The impact will be huge for our mom and pop bait shops and trickle down is guaranteed. We need to come together and make our voices heard on this matter. This might not be so bad if it were a temporary change but when is the last time you've heard of the dnr raising catch limits or lowering size limits?
I'm very concerned and would encourage your comments on this matter. The thoughts of this message are that of the 3" magnum and not necisarilly that of hot hunting spots.
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