Thursday, May 03, 2012

Eight Point Lake

My fishing partner Tracker

Eight Point Lake South Shore

Fished Eight Point Lake Wednesday afternoon.  This was the first time I have been on the lake since the DNR put in the new public boat launch and it's a nice one.  I spent a lot of time using my side scan reviewing the lake early.  I found two areas that where holding fish and looked like my kind of fishing spots.  The first area was on a flat on the South East side of the lake in 8 to 11 FOW.   I setup trolling rigs to run down to the fish at 7 foot and trolled the flat without any success.  After an hour of trolling I setup on the fish and did some rip jigging with gulp and again couldn't buy a bite.  Closer to dark I moved up the North shore and fished off of a 5 foot shelf that dropped out into 12 foot.  This area had several fish hanging in 8 FOW,  but like the last spot I couldn't buy a bite.  Back in 2006 we fished Eight Point three times and caught walleye each trip, so I'm hoping that with a little work I can figure out the bite again.  Overall, no fish caught, the water temp was 57 F and I was the only boat on the lake last night.  The lake is looking good and the DNR walleye stocking should make for some fun walleye fishing.

Good Luck...