Friday, May 04, 2012

Houghton Lake Report

Mark North Shore Walleye. 7 FOW
South Shore Lunch Grilled Mule Deer 
Justin with his first walleye. South Shore 4 FOW

We made a trip up to Houghton Lake on Friday morning to scout out some new walleye fishing areas.  We started fishing at 9am on the South shore to see if we could hook a few walleyes before heading around the lake.  The South Shore action was slow and we weren't finding any fish in the normal 6 FOW areas.  We changed up our setup and ran into the thick weed cover with shallow running cranks.  After a lot of line cleaning and some work we hooked two walleyes and a few pike.  Overall on both trips to the south shore the walleye have been hanging in the weeds which is not the norm for this time of the year.  After lunch we headed across the lake to explore the North Shore.  The fishing action didn't get much better, but we did catch fish around weed structures in most areas we focused on.  At 6pm the wind picked up and we moved over to try fishing in by Harvey's Marina.  When we arrived we found five other boats fishing in close to shore in the weeds.  We setup and made a troll along the  9 FOW mark where the weeds were manageable.  The weather conditions were better, but we did not hook a fish in the area and didn't see any of the other fishermen do any better. 

Overall fishing was slow in the 57 degree water.  Our best bite was on black / silver shad raps, x-raps, and TD 7 tail dancers.  We didn't hook any fish in open water on this trip.  Best action was trolling close or in  weed clumps in 4 to 8 FOW.  We hooked six keepers, four undersized, and lost a few at the boat.  Next Friday we are planning to fish Lake Cadillac.

Good Luck....