Sunday, March 18, 2012

Saginaw Bay

MARCH 16, 2012
The Hot Hunting Spots Crew hit the Saginaw Bay for some Walleye Action.  This year the ice is out early and the fishing action has been heating up to go along with these high tempratures.
We tried several techniques to get fish and found our most effective way was to drive around with the fish finder & side scan looking for fish in 10 - 18 foot of water near the state park area.  We did not fish dirty water near the mouth but instead headed out to clear water on the flats.
Once we spotted fish - we used the following SNEAK ATTACK.
We used the wind to move our boat, we slipped our anchor off the bow and we tied a loop for bottom and also a loop 3 foot up the line.  ( pulling the anchor only slightly off the bottom to move )
We then used minnows on Jigs to work slowly in the area.
After a few minutes, if we did not get strikes, we would lift the anchor to move quietly.
As the sonar picked up more fish, ( reading off the back of the boat ) we would slide our anchor back down quietly holding the bow. 
Prior to going into our Stealth Mode - we tried multiple techniques, including our favorite troll methods.  The fish were not responding to those methods:
We spoke with many others at the boat landing who were frustrated they could mark fish but not get them to bite.
All the fish we caught were heavy females - Wow what a fight!
But we needed to really slow down to entice these fish - We also noticed that even drifting, we did not get the same response from the fish.  We had to pretty much sit down on the fish before they would respond.
Hope that helps you on your next trip out to the Bay.
Douglas, Dennis, Mark, Nicholas & Chachi