Thursday, July 24, 2008

Houghton Lake 7-24-08

Another beautiful night of fishing on Houghon Lake. I got out of work early and was able to make a quick trip up to Houghton with my niece and two nephews to do some walleye scouting.

We headed out just south of the area where we have been producing walleyes and setup to troll in 5 FOW using our normal setup. After fishing for about ten minutes we had a double header with two 14" walleyes which good the kids attention and kept them focused on fishing most of the night. Tonights weather conditions were great and the slight West wind created a perfect walleye chop.

Over all we boated eleven walleyes six of which we kept. Four pike, four small mouths and one small perch. Fishing pressure was zero out in the lake, but closer to the Limber Lost the boats are piled up in 10 FOW. The main fishing method in that area is jigging the weed beds and working the 8' to 12' ledge. My suggestion to anyone fishing Houghton is to find structure the is not a weed bed. The lake is full of drops and sand bars that hold fish year round, you just have to go find them. The best part is that most of the time you will be fishing in less then 7 FOW. I'll be back on Houghton at 6:00am Friday morning and will report back. Good Luck.