Friday, May 18, 2012

Lake Mitchell Walleye

Shallow water trolling path

Mark and I made an early morning trip up to Lake Mitchell to try out the night bite.  We got on the lake at 3:00am and setup to troll shallow  Our first stop was the South shore in 4 to 6 FOW.  The first hour of the morning we trolled stick baits high above the shallows without much luck.  On our second pass heading East we changed over to deeper divers and bumped them on along the sand bottom.  Our first walleye of the morning came at 4:15am out of 3.5 foot of water on new UV thunderstick.  We marked the spot and continued to expand our troll around the area and ended up hooking seven walleyes all 15 to 16 inches.  At light the walleye bite ended and the bass bite turned on.  We hooked a lot of nice smallmouth and a few pike as we worked our way around the lake looking for new walleye areas.  At 10am we headed over to Lake Cadillac to explore and found some nice looking walleye waters on the East side of the lake that we are going to checkout on our next trip.  Overall fishing action was very good early in shallow.  We hooked nine sunfish while trolling in shallow, so pan fishing on the beds should be good right now.  Fishing pressure was concentrated directly in front of the boat launch with most boats fishing in 12 to 14 FOW using slip bobbers. 

Good Luck...

Rapala Rap Shad 5 FOW
First fish of the morning.

5am South Shore Smallmouth