Sunday, April 29, 2012

Houghton Lake Walleye Opener 2012

Calm water at 7:00pm
We had a great time fishing Houghton Lake on the walleye opener.  The morning was cold and the NE wind made fishing a little challenging.  Working with the wind we fished the South shore from the Limber Lost to the Heights  targeting 5 to 7 FOW along the weed edges.  We started out by trolling a slower presentation at 1.6 to 1.8 mph with TD 5 tail dancers, thunderstick jr, and 3-inch bombers without any luck.  On our second run we changed to TD 7 tail dancers and Berkeley flicker shads trolled at 2.0 to 2.3 and hooked four small pike and then a walleye at 11:20am.  We hooked our second walleye at around 2pm in 6 FOW South of the Elks Club on a white thunder stick and then the bite stopped. 

At 3:00pm we headed to the boat launch to cook lunch and meet up with the rest of the fishermen.  The reports were all the same.  Cold water, floating weeds, and a slow bite.  Out of five boats only two walleyes were hooked and not much else.  Our friend Joe who guides for Cal Stier's had a slow day on the south shore, but did note that they found walleyes in the channels while pan fishing on Friday. 

We started our afternoon fishing trip at 4:30pm and continued fishing the South Shore.  The wind died off and the water temp held at 48 F the rest of the afternoon but the bite never improved on the South shore.  We hooked two walleyes at 7:40pm and that was it.  After fishing all day we hooked four walleyes and a lot of small pike.  The weather and floating weeds didn't help, but overall it was great to be back on Houghton Lake. 

Good Luck...

Afternoon walleyes South Shore 6 FOW