Friday, May 25, 2012

Lake Mitchell Walleye Fishing

West Shore Walleye
Had a fun morning fishing Lake Mitchell.  Mark and I started fishing at 4am on the East shoreline in 5  to 6 FOW.  On our first pass we hooked a nice bass and one undersized walleye both on Rapala rap shads.  At light the wind picked up out of the West, so we moved over to troll with the wind on the Sough shore.  Fishing action was slow along the weed edges and we only hooked one walleye and a few pike.  At 9am we moved to the West and fished in 4 to 6 FOW in the weeds and hooked a walleye and a nice sunfish on Rapala Taildancers.  Later in the morning we fished in 12 to 14 FOW on the North side of the lake and hooked one undersized walleye on a high line (6 foot down) and a nice bass closer to bottom.  Fished the deeper water for 2 hours with limited action.   Perch and trout colors were our most productive patterns in shallow water trolled at 1.7 to 2 mph.  Overall we hooked four walleyes, lots of bass, sunfish, and a few legal pike.  Water temperature was 66 F and should be on the rise this weekend.  Good Luck.....
Nice Sunfish on a Taildancer
4:30am Bass East Shore 5 FOW
Early Morning South Shore Under Size Walleye 6 FOW