Friday, May 11, 2012

Lake Mitchell

7.5 FOW first walleyes of the day 4:15pm. 

Finally made it up to Lake Mitchell to try out the walleye action.  We started off slow scouting the lake with the map and structure scan looking for fishing areas.  The plan was to map out some shallow areas for night trolling and then visit some of the deeper structure and check for fish with the structure scan.  We mapped out our night trolling area on the NW shore in 4 to 8 FOW first.  Lots of weeds and open pockets made the location idea for our trolling setup.  After studying the shallows we were ready to start fishing some of the deeper structures.  At 2:00pm we found some fish hanging a foot off the bottom in 12 FOW on the West side of the lake.  The wind had picked up so we anchored on the fish and tried our best to make them bite.  We found several spots along the west side of the lake that had fish holding in 10 to 14 FOW but we never hooked anything.  At 4pm we were scanning along the South side of the lake trying to get a break from the wind when we marked a pod of bait fish with bigger fish following them.  We made a quick map of the area and then setup to troll.  On our first run through the area we had a double and hooked to 19 inch walleyes on thundersticks run down to 6 foot.  Thinking we had found our limit area we fished the spot and hooked bass, pike, and one undersized walleye.  On our last troll over the area Mark hooked a very large pike that ended up stealing our white thunderstick.  Ready for a break from the wind we headed into the launch at 7pm and cooked dinner.  At 8:30pm the wind died off and we headed West for the night troll.  We caught lots pike early and then the action shut down at 10:30pm.   Continuing on we kept expanding our trolling area as we learned the shoreline.  The best night bite took place between 12am and 1:30am.  We hooked seven undersized walleyes and lots of bass in 4 to 7 FOW on the West shore.  The best night fishing cranks were black / silver original floating Rapalas and wonder bread colored bombers all back 50 to 60 foot.  Overall, we had a great trip and a wonderful day of fishing.  Few notables from the trip: we only hooked fish on larger cranks and when we cleaned the walleyes we found the were eating 3 to 4 inch perch.  The water was stained making for good shallow water daylight trolling.  We didn't have any luck using slow presentations with live bait or cranks on this trip.
Small walleye 5 FOW at 1am.
Lake Mitchell

Good Luck....