Saturday, June 02, 2012

Lake Mitchell Report

Lake Mitchell

Mark and I fished Lake Mitchell and Cadillac on Friday morning despite the cold and rain.  We got on the lake at 6:45am and started fishing on the South Shore.  At 8am the NE wind picked up, so we headed to the East side of Lake Cadillac.  We trolled and did a lot of casting and jigging without hooking a walleye.  At noon we hooked a monster pike and broke it off at the boat.  We hooked the pike trolling in 16 FOW.  The bad weather conditions made for a cold slow day of fishing, but we had fun learning more about the lakes.  

We made a stop at the Pilgrims Village bait shop and found some good deals on stick baits.  The shop is very nice and they were very helpful. 

Next Friday we are planning to fish Houghton if we have good weather.

Good Luck....