Monday, March 07, 2011

3" Magnum report

Well, I braved the weather on saturday and left monroe county at 3:45 am to head up to saginaw bay for a day trip. Once I landed at my spot 3 miles out I coulnt get my auger to start. After 30 minutes of brutal effort I decided to head back to the truck to work on it. On my way back with shanty and jet sled in tow my sled broke through the ice on the pressure crack. Luckily I have a 1.5" paddle track on my sled that allowed me to pull out of the hole but my shanty wasn't so lucky, it nose dived into water breaking the floor in half and snapped the tow rope. Now its sticking half way out of water and I carefully retrieved it.
After all the morning troubles I ended up fishing till dark with no success most likely due to strong east winds. I did however have an 8 lb walleye swim between my 2 jigs, that was exciting.
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