Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tip-Up Setup

Over the years we've tried all kinds of Tip-Up combinations when targeting walleyes. Here is one combinations that works well for us.

First thing we do is to install a in line bobber stop with a foam bobber in front of the barrel swivel that connects your main line to your mono leader. The bobber is used to mark your bait depth once its established and then keep re baiting after a strike easy and repeatable.

The next thing we do is to attach five feet of 8-pound P-Line from the main line to the start of a flasher or spoon. To keep the line in good condition I use barrel swivels on both ends of the flasher. Lastly attach a seven inches leader of 6-pound vanish for the bottom of the flash to the treble hook.

**If you are targeting pike you will need to change the 6-pound vanish leader to steel wire or 8-pound P-Line.**