Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tippy Dam Pond 7/16/11

Tippy dam pound backwater

Shore lunch

We took a long weekend and headed up to fish the backwaters of Tippy Dam Pond.   Tippy Dam is a very popular fishing location for Spring Steelhead and the Fall Salmon run, but most people never venture behind the dam to fish the remote backwaters.  A backwater trip is a great adventure and if your looking to fish in the woods and get away from people this is the place to checkout.   As you travel the lake you will find camping spots and nice areas to swim and hangout.  The lake is very deep and drops off quickly from shore.  You will find lots of structure, logs and standing timber in this lake.  In some location you will see trees very close to the surface which are also great fishing areas.  We spent the entire day on the lake and fished it from 8am to 11pm taking lunch on one of the islands and swimming during the hot parts of the day.  The small mouth bass fishing is great everywhere you go on the lake and with the steep drop offs we used deep diving crank baits at shore bringing them back in 8 to 10 foot of water which was about 6 foot off shore.  My focus was finding the walleyes and what I learned is that I need a few more days on the lake.  We did catch three small walleyes and a big catfish while we were bass fishing around the shore.  My next trip to the lake I'll focus on fishing suspended fish closer to shore and around the points.  If you have side imaging / down scan you will be amazed at the standing timber and fish holding around the structure.   Tippy Dam Pond is a beautiful lake in the woods that will test your fishing skills. 

Standing Timber viewed with Down scan

Long day of fishing

Backwater of tippy dam

Leon helping Chachi clean his catfish