Thursday, March 03, 2011

3" Magnum report

Hello fishermen and woman, just letting everyone know that me and my hot rod yellow snow machine will be making an appearance on saginaw bay 3 miles out from the state park on saturday. Hopefully I'll see some fellow hhs pro staff and freinds out there to help me slay some of them lunker glow-eyes.
On another note I've been hearing rumor that the michigan dnr is reducing walley catch limits to either 2 or 3 fish per day statewide. This is outrageous! It will kill the charter captains and make it difficult for regular sportsmen like you and me to justify the cost of fuel and tackle etc to go out and catch dinner. The impact will be huge for our mom and pop bait shops and trickle down is guaranteed. We need to come together and make our voices heard on this matter. This might not be so bad if it were a temporary change but when is the last time you've heard of the dnr raising catch limits or lowering size limits?
I'm very concerned and would encourage your comments on this matter. The thoughts of this message are that of the 3" magnum and not necisarilly that of hot hunting spots.
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