Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hubbard Lake Walleye Report

Had the chance to spend a few days fishing on Hubbard Lake. We got on the lake Monday afternoon and spent a few hours checking out the lake with the sonar. The lake is very deepand  it has lots of defined breaks in depth with minimal weed cover along and very clear water. While scouting the lake we marked lots of suspended fish in 15 to 40 FOW. On the NW shore we found a good supply of bait fish in 5 FOW and lots of scattered fish holding just outside of the drop off suspended in 15 FOW. Overall it’s kind of clear that Hubbard Lake lacks weed cover so the fish use the water column as cover. We caught walleyes in 40 FOW suspended at 15 foot and then moved into 25 FOW and caught more walleyes at 15 foot.

Fishing was great on both days. During the afternoon 12 – 4pm we fished in 40 FOW and targeted suspended fish with TD 7 taildancers 80 foot behind a board. Oddly in two days of fishing all of our walleyes were caught on taildancers TD 7, 8, and deep 20’s. The best colors were blue / silver and perch. In a attempt to test the waters I ran Thunderstick Jrs, Berkley Flicker shad, shad raps, tots, live targets, and about every other stick bait and never had a hit. Monday afternoon we caught 21 walleyes and 14 fish of the fish were 15 inches or better. On Tuesday we caught 34 walleyes 28 over 15 inches the best fish being 21 inches.

We will be heading back to Hubbard Lake in July to do more exploring.
Good Luck..