Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Houghton Lake Walleye Report 7/23 - 7/27

Houghton Lake walleye fishing continues to be great.

Thursday (7/23): We fished in 7 FOW trolling at 2.35mph on the North shore and ended up with seven keepers and six undersized fish. Found a new area that is South of Backus Creek that is producing a lot of fish, but most are 14 -inches which is a great sign for next year.

Saturday (7/25): Fished with our new walleye friends (Jeff & Tom) in the morning and ended up with two keepers and two undersized fish. Only got to fish for two hours before the storm hit.

Went back out at 7:00pm and ended up with eight keepers and a ton of undersized fish. We trolled from 4 to 6 FOW and ended up catching all of our walleyes in 4 FOW. Best night fishing action was with a storm thunderstick jr (purple / pink).

Monday (7/27): Best fishing action of the year. Started fishing at 7:50pm in 4 to 7 FOW and had 20 keeper walleyes and two crappie by 10:40pm. Best action was on TD 5 blue / white taildancer trolled back 44 to 50 foot at 2.35 mph.

Good Luck..