Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pratt Lake Walleye Report 7/15

We took a break from Houghton Lake and headed over to Pratt Lake last night to test the walleye action.

Pratt Lake has a very good walleye population and it offers different fishing challenges to test your skills. We normally target walleyes in three areas of the lake. Area 1 is directly out of the boat launch where we fish with crawlers harnesses trolled East to West targeting 15 to 22 FOW. Area 2 is the South shore where we target the weed break in 15 FOW. Area 3 is the East shore in 9 to 17 FOW where we troll with bright colored minnow baits.

Last night we caught two undersized walleyes, five bass, and lost a nice walleye at the boat all on thunderstick Jr Yellow / White in 16 FOW on the East shore. Pratt Lake has good walleye fishing and produces fish up to 26 inches when you find them.

Good Luck.