Friday, January 10, 2014

Saginaw River Ice Fishing 1/10/14


Slick Jig Walleye
Fished out of the Independence launch down river of the USS Edson this morning.  Started fishing at 8am in 21 FOW.  I used my Aqua-Vu today and enjoyed watching lots of walleyes swimming around.  Early the bite was hot and anything jigged close to the bottom hooked fish.  Around 11am the action slowed up, so I downsized my setup to a small minnow on a slick jig worked close to the bottom.  This setup worked well until the end of the trip at 3pm.  Today I hooked more fish then I can remember with lots being 12 to 16 inches.  If I was fishing for a limit the trip would have lasted about two hours this morning.  Saw a few big fish on the camera that kept me interested till mid day.  Lots of fishermen out on the river hooking fish.
Good Luck...
Afternoon setup
Kept a few for dinner

Saginaw River Independence Launch