Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Close Call (ELECTRICITY) - May 29th

Like everyone else in Michigan, we have been watching the storms and looking for windows of good weather to try to get out and do some fishing.

We tracked the storm all day Sunday waiting to see if it would come North and it did not, so we elected to go out and try to get a couple hours of evening fishing.

We set out working the south shore of Houghton Lake about 7:45 pm and the lake was very calm.  There were probably 40 or 50 boats on the lake fishing that we could spot off in the distance.

The fishing was slow and we moved to the SW side of the lake near Lyman's.   We began to hear a noise that we could not identify that sounded like a buzz and clicking or snapping sound.  We searched around for a moment until we realized that small sparks were coming down from the (6) six rods in the fishing rod holders to the boat.

It was about that exact time you could see every boat roaring toward the shoreline in every direction.

We quickly switched over from the trolling motor to the big motor and we were getting shocks from the fishing rods ( all graphite ) as well as the net.  Everyone was a bit freaked out as we headed FOR THE NEAREST LAND.

We were fortunate to find shelter at Tom's place - a great guy we met from the web site a couple years ago and we stayed at his place for a couple hours waiting for things to calm down.

There was never a lightning strike near by - but it did rain briefly after we got to shore.

I have never experienced anything like that - and I am glad to be able to write the story.

In the few seconds it took the 150 HP motor to get us to shore....  the seconds seemed like hours wondering if you were going make it safely.

I know others had a similar experience.... feel free to share your comments.

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