Monday, January 14, 2013

Lake Mitchell 1/11/13

Lots of water flowing to the hole.
 Floating Tip Up. 
Lake Mitchell. 
Fishermen in front of the boat launch.  Lots of fog and slush.
 It seems like every time I get a day to go ice fishing this season mother nature doesn't want to cooperate.  Despite the warm temperatures and rain on Friday I made a trip over to Lake Mitchell to try out the walleye action.  When I arrived at the lake the ice had 2 inches of slush and the fog was thick enough that I couldn't see across the lake.  Ready to fish I headed out of the launch to fish on the south shore.  After searching for an hour I saw a few walleyes on the camera in 10 to 11 FOW.   The fishing action was just as bad as the weather.  In six hours of fishing I saw five walleyes and never hooked anything.   Lake Mitchell had 9 to 10 inches of ice and should be good fishing when the weather straightens up.
Good Luck....