Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Houghton Lake Fishing Report

Early morning catch.  Jeff and Bruce with an 18.5 walleye
and a big crappy.  Caught drift fishing with leaches.
 Lots of fishermen hit Houghton Lake over the Memorial Day Weekend looking for walleyes. The weather was on and off all weekend which kept a lot of fishermen grounded, but the guys who got out on the water caught fish.  The water clarity is remarkable these days and you can now see bottom in 8 FOW which is not the norm for Houghton and is changing the fish patterns. 

Trolling is working well just before dark in 7 to 9 FOW and white is still our best color.  The best bite is now happening on slip bobbers and leaches / minnow fished in the weeds 8 to 12 FOW.  

We have not be out fishing as much we would like this year because lots of start ups at work and bad weather conditions on the open days.  I'll be out this Thursday / Friday and will report back.

Good Luck...