Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Houghton Lake May 4th

Houghton Lake Colors Storm Thunderstick

I took a vacation day today and headed up to Houghton Lake to try my luck walleye fishing after the cold front moved through last night.  I got on the lake at 8am and headed to the South shore to fish 5 to 7 FOW in some of my favorite early season spots.  When I started fishing the South shore water temp was 47 F and the wind was out of the NW.  I trolled all of my spots for 3 hours and never had a hit, so I decided to change up and do some jigging and still fishing.  Well after another 2 hours and no action I packed up and drove to the north shore to try fishing out in front of the Muskegon River mouth.  The water temp was 51 F when I arrived and I marked a few fish laying on the bottom in 6 FOW.  Again I fished for 2 hours and couldn't make a fish bite.  I continued fishing all over the lake until 7pm when I called it a day.   Overall report was no bites anywhere on the lake and a good reminder that I need to develop a new method for fishing after a cold front.  Fished all day trolling, jigging, still fishing and covered lots areas from 4 to 12 FOW.  Had fun practicing and enjoyed my day out of the office....

Dock report- four boats no fish.

Good Luck...

Tracker waiting for the fish to bite


South Shore Water Temp 50.6 F at 3pm
Early Season Stick Bait Collection