Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Success on the MOVE!!!

Stop, Drop and Move Technique pays off.

We were fishing from the Shanty and kept seeing a number of fish swim by without getting any strikes.  We could tell from the direction that the fish were coming off the top of the shallow area and moving down the drop off we were setup on toward deeper water.

If you see this and you are not getting strikes.....NOTE The fish are FEEDING SHALLOW and moving to deeper water when they are full.  YOU NEED TO MOVE.

When we get time to fish ( like today for several hours ) we like to setup on the edge of a drop off or structure to wait for fish moving in to feed, HOWEVER we have seen this before and the fish were coming from a different area or they were already waiting in the feeding area.

YOU WOULD DO BEST TO GET UP THERE .... that is where the action is going on.

We watched a number of nice walleye swim past our primary shanty spot and show little to no interest in the food but they were coming down from the shallows.

Our best guess is the bait fish moved and the fish were feeding shallow and moving off to rest.

We are prepared for this so we reeled our rods up and grabbed our buckets.  Justin went one way and I went the other way slowly working from hole to hole very quietly fishing for about 3 - 5 minutes per hole.

If the fish are there, YOU DON'T NEED MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES.... the catch 22 of this moving concept is that the fish are also moving so "do I stay" or "should I go"....

About the 3rd hole I moved to.... I dropped the line and within a minute or two.... WHAMMO it was a nice strike and a good hookset.

We missed a few strikes ( always keep you line tight going down... fish will hit the drop )  IF YOU drop your bait and then reel up when it stops falling.... you may have missed the FIRST Strike and possibly the Only one you will get from that fish.

I am mainly sharing this technique with others to help them understand how I catch many of the fish you see photos of.

You can look back in our BLOG and see fish that are clearly caught in the shanty... and others you will know are outside during which I am normally doing some moving.

Good Luck and get out on the Ice.... IT'S PRIMETIME!
HHS Admin