Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lake Margrethe Report

We put a good fishing day in on Lake Margrethe and spent from 7am - 7:30pm on the ice. In the early morning we fished the South East shore in 22 FOW and never marked or saw a fish. At 1:00pm we moved around the lake scouting for new areas and finally ended up on the North side of the lake in 14 FOW. During my scouting I found an area on the West side of the lake that had ice thickness differences ranging from 16 inches of ice to 5 inches. That was unusual for this time of the year and a bit of an awakening. Overall we caught a lot of small perch and had one walleye hit at 6pm. The water on Margrethe is extremely clear which makes ice fishing a bit challenging during the daylight hours. Fishing pressure was low mainly local guys setup in ice houses.

Good Luck. Fishing team.
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