Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just setup.

Wednesday was a fun day for Field Supervisor Justin B. and Hot Hunting Spots President Dennis R. as they got some time on Houghton Lake Fishing for Walleyes.

The underwater camera is GREAT for scouting and if you have one you know how cool it can be to check where you are and what the underwater structure is in that area.  For those of you that do not have a AquaView or other underwater cam... it's business as usual but keep an eye out for someone using a camera they will probably be more than happy to show you whats down there.

We are working on our video capture options to be able to do photo / videos and put them in the blogsite to show key spots that are great during summer or winter.

We have found many interesting things from rock piles to sunken shanties and other debries.

The key things we focus on are finding areas that show structure and searching for other ideal conditions such as bait fish, water temp or clarity.  On one lake we fished it had a break that you could see clear water down to 10 foot but the bottom 4 foot was very murky and if you watched the fish they swam up the bank feeding at about 4 - 5 foot.

It is very exciting to continue to enjoy the outdoors hunting and fishing and LEARNING more with the use of technology.

In closing I highly recommend that you use a GPS when fishing so you can MARK key structure and return to them again and again to check for fish.  We have marked rock piles, steep breaks or just areas in weed beds that have holes where fish often hold up.

Good Luck and see you out there....
HHS Admin