Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Walleye Technique we Use

One technique that we use on Houghton Lake is to identify our area first.
Get our camera out and do some quick checks for fish in the area... ALWAYS TAKE YOUR FISHING ROD with you when you scout.  Many times our camera draws fish to it and you need to be able to drop your jig or lindy darter down the hole right away or they will swim off.

After we realize we have the right spot picked out.  We drill a series of holes around the area RIGHT AWAY so we can keep things quiet for PRIME TIME fishing.  We see how much loud noise impacts the fish having watched 1000's of hours of underwater video.

Our goal is to create a number of places we can move to quietly and do a STOP, DROP, Hit or Move technique when things are slow.  What we are saying is that we set up our primary spot early and get all our holes drilled around the area so we don't spooke off fish as they feed.

Unlike what many people think, the fish we see most of the time are MOVING or Crusing the areas.  Bait fish will often hang close to weeds or cover, but the preditor fish like Pike and Walleye will move to feed.  We also watch the behavior of baitfish in the area to anticipate bigger fish moving into the area.

Our goal is to setup a number of places covering up to 50 - 100 yards around the primary spot.  This technique works very well for spooky schools of perch that move around a lot.  We carry our bucket with some smaller container of bait and our rod going from spot to spot as we get a couple active spots.  When that spot dies off... the fish have moved and we do the same to keep our fishing action more regular.  It works very well if you have a few friends spread out so you can determine which way the school is moving and shift accordingly.

Good Luck