Sunday, February 21, 2010

Budd Lake Big Walleye

Happy Fishermen celebrate with their 27-inch seven pound Budd Lake Walleye that was caught on 2-pound test and a crappy minnow. Mike Meir and Mark Reinke were fishing in 12 FOW enjoying the day when at 11:50am Mike yelled to Mark that he had a big fish and needed help getting it out of the hole. Mike had been fishing for his fifth crappy when he hooked the big walleye. He fought the walleye for eight minutes trying his best to keep the walleye from breaking his 2-pound line. The first time the fish surfaced Mike and Mark knew they had a good fish, but they were both unsuccessful at getting the fish out of the hole. On the final attempt Mark reach his whole arm down the hole and managed to pull the big fish onto the ice.