Sunday, January 31, 2010

3" Magnum Report

Its been a couple weeks since Ive reported and Im sorry for that I know
that a lot of you have been waiting breathlessly for it so here it is---
I have been fishing every body of water in Monroe county that's worth
fishing and every time it's the same old story, "Were killin em over at
Bolles Harbor,were killin em at lake erie Metro marina, were killin em here
there and everywhere" Then I follow up with these reports by travelling to
those spots to get skunked and witness 100 other people getting skunked. Ive
tried every bait and hook known to man and no luck still in fact I was on
the verge of going off on a huge rant in my report about the lack of fish in
monroe county until I went to the metro park marina Sunday afternoon to
finally pull some perch through the ice. There were about 25 people out
there and I set up camp next to 4 old guys that each had about 25 jumbos
laying next to them. I was having some good conversation with them about
nothing and thinking about how jealous I was of them being able to fish
every day and not have to work the next day, They were like the movie grumpy
old men without the grumpiness I had a lot of fun with them.
On Saturday we headed ovre to Washtenaw county to whitmore lake to try our
luck on some walleyes along with about 250 other people with no luck. We
fished from sunup till noon without a single bite and only witnessed 2 other
people within 100 yds of us. Im not sure on the second half of the day
results but for everyone elses sake I hope it picked up.
I want to leave everyone with a quote I read in woods and water by Robert
Dock Stupp. "Man, I feel energised and invigoratingly alive after a day on
the water, frozen or open.To me, water,essential to all life, is a spirit
and I must be around it. It distributes good vibes to all who are open to
it." When I read that I got chills and I know most other hardcore fishermen
will understand.
I will be out of town next week so you wont be graced with the 3" Magnum
Report so until next time men "keep your poles in the holes"

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