Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ice Fishing Update

Ice fishing action on Houghton Lake started out slower then normal this year. I've been on the lake three times so far and have only caught six walleyes. At this point I'm in walleye search mode, but I can recommend trying the East Bay in 7.5 FOW off of the break on the West side. You'll find good weeds and it's a good area to jig for walleyes. My best action has been on jigging spoons tipped with a minnow and the best action has been from 4pm till 6pm. I'll be out all day on Friday looking for Houghton Lake walleyes and should have a better report next time. Budd Lake pan fish action has been slowing down every year, but if you’re looking for a big walleye you need to try Budd Lake. I've been on Budd three times this year and haven't hooked a walleye, but I have seen some very nice fish on my camera. Budd produces big fish just check the Master Angler records if you don't believe me. In 2008 a 38.75 inch 12.25 pound walleye came out of Budd and I have personally seen two fish in the ten pound range hauled out. Bluegill and perch fishing is hit and miss with a majority of the fish being undersized. Best action on Budd has been in 15 FOW on the South end of the lake. Good Luck..