Sunday, January 17, 2010

3" Magnum Report

After much thought on where to fish we ended up trying a new spot on saturday in a pond never fished by humans before near I-275 and I-75 where they meet and as it turns out there is a reason nobody fishes it, its about 7' deep and sandy bottom with no stucture at all and no fish at all. We deided on the ready rd quarry again and found some nice crappies and a couple dozen gills. Sunday afternoon I decided to go back for an hour before dark and got 5 crappies and 4 gills and lost a 14"er at the hole. The crappies were caught mostly on minnows and white fuzzy jiggs. I think I have them figgured out now and from now on I will be sporting crappie jiggs with minnows. It took me some time to figure them out since in the past there weren't enough crappie to bother fishing for but now with the proper bait and jigg I believe you could fill a bucket with nice crappies since nobody ever fishes solely for them and the population is booming. I will be back next weekend ice permitting with a couple dozen minnows and a positive attitude and untill then men keep your poles in the holes.
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