Thursday, January 14, 2010

3" Magnum Report

Well its ice fishing season in s/e michigan finally and action is mixed depending on where you fish.
If your after yellow perch you better bring your lunch with you because you will be out all day to catch enough for a sandwich. Some fishermen found 20-30 perch in 6 fow at lake erie metro park marina on friday but sat. And sunday there were only 20-30 perch caught total between the 150 people fishing the marina. I spent 6 hours out there and got 2 bites total not too exciting to say the least. The fish that were caught were on teardrops and minnows. I will be back on saturday morning to try again. After trying the metro park I will be heading over to the ready road quarry aka honeyhole to fill up on crappie,perch and bluegills. I fished here saturday and sunday after getting skunked at the metro park and sat. I caught 2 perch and 8 gills. Sunday afternoon I returned to experience ice fishing at its finest. I only had about an hour to fish till dark and cought 3-10" crappies and around 10 gills and twice my line got snapped by unidentified lunkers
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