Sunday, January 22, 2012

Houghton Lake Ice Fishing Report 1/20/12

Last fish of the day

Friday afternoon we fished the East Bay of Houghton Lake.  The ice conditions are still questionable on some parts of Houghton, so we returned back to our fishing area along the West side of the bay.  We picked out a new location in 10 FOW and then used the GPS to help us drill holes along the contours.  After drilling 30 holes we checked each one with the camera and set tip ups in the holes that we found fish.  The day was filled with pike action and lots of missed tip ups.  The walleye bite finally turned on at 6 pm when we had a twenty minute rush of action that resulted in us hooking one walleye on a tip up and losing two jigging.   If you head out on the East Bay this week be prepared to deal with slush and snow drifts. 

Good Luck...


Small pike hooked on a Lindy Slick Jig 10 FOW.

Looking for walleyes

East Bay